Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is the iPod camera?

Lost amidst all the hype surrounding each one of Apple's iPod-related moves is a question no one seems to have bothered asking: Why isn't Apple building a combo iPod-Digital Camera?

On the face of it, such a product would appear to be an absolutely perfect fit. The iPod already has a large, bright LCD screen for framing photos, a gigantic hard drive that can store your entire photo collection, built-in software to do slideshows, etc., a battery that is much more powerful than four AAs, and is a highly mobile device that people carry around with them all the time. Anyone else think that these would also be the specs for the ideal digital camera?

I think Apple has missed a trick for once.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'cause making a camera needs real engineering and much more of it than putting a hard drive in a cool looking container and selling it at exorbitant prices(all fuelled by crazy american consumerism). And do you really think they can go ahead and compete with canon and the like in making a 'real engineering product'.

2/02/2006 4:27 PM  
Blogger NamelessNerd said...

or the best thing would be to integrate with an existing camera maker like canon or minolta and bring them if some one can tweak their ipod to do that, that would be the real hot mashup

2/02/2006 11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not make it a GPS system as well? I think it this has to do with the cost of the product and profit margin.If the camera is not a great one(like ones on cellphones), they are a waste anyway!!! I guess they just wanted to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

2/03/2006 12:43 PM  
Blogger Crapper said...

Without the Camera they are able to milk us $300-400, with Camera the prices wud go above the SKY!!

2/07/2006 9:01 AM  
Blogger Darryl said...

Personally, I don't need a camera built within the iPod, but a camera add-on that clips into the doc connector of a iPod Photo or iPod Video would be sweet. A few versions at different megapixel levels. Wouldn't need to be much bigger than the iTrip given the capabilities and size of cell phone cameras.

2/02/2007 10:47 AM  

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