Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random NBA Notes

It has been a rather interesting NBA season thus far. A surprisingly large number of close games. The Warriors winning for a change. Steve Nash proving that a white guy can really deserve to be the MVP, no really. Pat Riley demonstrating the fine art of backstabbing and setting himself up for a big fall. Shaq making Jerry Buss look smart. Flip Saunders proving how overrated Larry Brown was, and how underrated Rick Carlisle was.

And some things, of course, have remained the same. Lousy referees. Grant Hill on injured reserve. Criticism of Kobe for keeping a mediocre Lakers team at .500 in the competitive West. Praise of Iverson for keeping an underperforming 76ers team below .500 in the lousy Atlantic (now renamed Titanic) division. Ron Artest being Ron Artest.


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