Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bucking Football Convention

The New York Times has an article today on Mike Leach, the maverick Texas Tech football coach who appears to manufacture offense out of whole cloth. In a sport as old as football, it is exceedingly hard to innovate on strategy to a point where the game dynamics change completely. Leach appears to have done exactly that with his refreshing approach; it's a pity that more people aren't paying attention.


Blogger Rajagopal said...

A couple of years ago (when there was still high hopes for Dennis Franchione's reign as A&M head coach), us aggies were eagerly hoping that Franchione would help defeat TT and avenge the previous year's loss at College Station. The game quickly turned into a rout. Aggies had this reputation for a tough defense, but on that day (and many saturdays, and thursdays and fridays since) the aggie defense hit few people. It was hard to watch the receivers and RBs being untouched for 10-15 yards after catching routinely. We were all shouting for someone to be clobbered at the line of scrimmage, but it never happened. Somehow Leach is able to get receivers and RBs open on almost every play.

Ofcourse Texas and Oklahoma have been able to curtail the Leach offense with great defensive players and schemes, but TT should easily win 7-8 games a year with that offense. Not many teams can stop that offense. It is also unbelievable that 4 QB's in a row have been able to produce video game like numbers running that offense. It is very entertaining though (much like high scoring ODIs).

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