Thursday, October 13, 2005

The New York Times and Judith Miller

If your sole source of news is the New York Times, you might be justifiably surprised at the news that has had the rest of the world abuzz over the past week. Judith Miller has suddenly gotten a whole lot less self-righteous and a whole lot more cooperative in the Valerie Plame case; she even discovered some rather intriguing notes about a previously unpublicized conversation with Scooter Libby. You could do worse than go over to Mark Kleiman's blog to read about the whole intriguing story. And today's update on the Mousetrap theory.

Of course, if you are a poor NY Times reader, you would be confronted by drivel such as this (registration reqd.), an entire article about Rove and the White House that somehow fails to even mention anything about Judy Miller's latest escapades. Where is the public editor?


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