Sunday, August 28, 2005

Update on Airport Shoe Checks

I have been travelling quite a bit in the last week and came across the following incongruity: LAX appears to have stopped requiring passengers to take their shoes off to clear security. TSA staff in San Jose, on the other hand, still insist on it despite the friendly instructional video insisting that removal of shoes is only "recommended". So, yesterday, as I was flying out of San Jose, I decided to ask the staff why they needed to keep putting us through this hassle when LAX was not doing so. The answer I got: "Welcome to San Jose."

Of course, from a security standpoint, it is a dumb idea to have inconsistent rules in place. A "shoe attacker" could simply enter the airport system via the most lax checkpoint and is then free to roam wherever he wants via connections without ever having to go through security again.


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