Saturday, July 23, 2005

Here come the A's

After a terrible April & May when Bay area baseball turned unwatchable, the Oakland A's have come to the rescue with yet another of those patented summer comebacks that you can set a wristwatch by. At last count, the A's are just one game out in the Wild Card race and are poised to clamber over the Yankees and Twins to make it to the playoffs.

As usual, their off-season trades look better and better by the minute, what with Tim Hudson having disappeared off the radar screen in Atlanta, Mark Mulder having a so-so season in St. Louis, Zito rediscovering his form of old, and Danny Haren sporting the longest winning streak in the AL this year.


Blogger Rajagopal said...

Steve Leavitt, the author of Freakonomics, was very confident that Beane didn't have much to do with the A's success over the last five years or so. They were lucky that they had the big three he wrote on his blog, and OBP didn't have much to do with their success. Commenters on his blog weren't pleased to say the least. He said Beane would be proved right if the A's won 85 games or more this season. Now he claims he doesn't have the time to write intelligently about baseball. But that didn't stop him before.

7/25/2005 1:17 AM  

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