Sunday, June 26, 2005

Open the pod bay doors, blogger!

Blogger has gone psycho on me, modifying the HTML in my posts in an insidious way that screws up its presentation. The worst part is that I have no control at all over the changes it's been making to my posts. So, if you see a large gap between the end of the first post and the beginning of its footer, you know whom to blame.

(For the curious among you, there is this nasty property clear:both that can be set to flush a division below any previous floats described in the HTML. For some reason, blogger has decided to insert this stuff at the end of each post. Trouble is, the set of links on the left side of the page is a float, causing the footer of my post to get flushed below the end of this float. And I don't know a non-float-based solution for creating two columns, if I wanted a fixed-pixel-width left column and a right column that takes up all that's left of the screen real estate no matter the screen resolution.)

UPDATE 6/27/05 12:00pm: I've now figured out a workaround to restore order and sidestep evil Blogger. I've discovered the joys of absolute positioning, with a little z-ordering and margin trick to make sure the left column can display on top of the main post column. Interested souls can look at the HTML source of this page.


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