Monday, May 30, 2005

The Baseball Pitch Clock

Have you ever felt terribly bored watching a pitcher read the catcher's signs for what seems like an eternity? Ever wished that every game be pitched by Mark Mulder and Mark Buehrle? Ever bought a TiVo just so you could fast-forward through each pitch and watch the game in 40 minutes flat?
You will love the following proposed change to baseball's rules, originally dreamed up in long-ago discussions with Ananthan: Create a 15-second pitch clock, analogous to the 24-second shot clock in baseball. A pitcher gets exactly 15 seconds to make his pitch counting down from the time the umpire hands out the ball (or the catcher catches the previous one). Miss the deadline, and the hitter gets a walk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about when runners are on base

2/01/2010 5:21 PM  

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